Kyudo Notebook: Enteki

Recently I’ve been trying out enteki for the first time. Physically it’s pretty straightforward. Apparently there are two common ways: draw to kai as usual, then lean your torso back to get more elevation at release, or draw the right arm back faster than usual and so settle into kai while the left arm is still at a bit of an upward angle. Theoretically the first seems better since (a) it’s one of the “official” 五胴, and (b) it seems there would be less chance of messing up my kinteki form, but at the moment I’m using the second because the amount I had to lean turned out to be very subtle, and my friend suggested it. So, an experiment.

More disturbing is that I found it hard to let go of aiming, but I’m hoping this will settle down now that I know roughly what the elevation should  be. Tomorrow it’s back to the kinteki range. It will be interesting to see if there is any lingering effect.

By the way I’m going to use this “kyudo notebook” category as a virtual 的中ノート, though more about the methods than the results. I’m hoping it will help me recognize trends.

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