Review: 基本の弓道

So speaking of books with a DVD, they seem to take two basic approaches. One is to have most of the instruction on the DVD, with the book serving mostly to summarize and provide guide to the information on the DVD. The other method is to have the book be the main source of information, with sections of the DVD that illustrate the points covered by the text.

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This book follows the first approach, and the teacher is Ishiyama Yoshihiko (石山佳彦) (kyoshi, 7-dan). The book focuses mainly on the basics: the fundamental postures and movements and the shaho hassetsu. There is a second book, 有段者の弓道, that looks like it goes into more detail about the fine points, but I haven’t read that one yet.

Because most of the action is on the DVD it’s hard to say as much about the book, but the basic outline is similar to others:

  • Equipment
  • Fundamental postures and movements
  • Fundamentals of shooting and the hassetsu
  • Advice for improvement
  • Competition and examination formats
  • Common problems
  • General “things to know” about kyudo

These presentations are much less detailed than in the previous book, with the idea that you’ll pick things up from the DVD. That may not always be the case, however on the topic of competition and examination formats, as well as elements of the hassetsu, seeing them “live” and in motion is a tremendous advantage.

Because of the DVD, this book is a little pricey, ¥2,400 plus tax and can also be ordered from abroad through Amazon. Note that the Amazon price is tax-inclusive, so it’s the same price we’d normally pay in a book store here, though I suspect that foreign buyers really should be exempt from Japanese consumption tax.

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