Kyudo Notebook: Uchiokoshi Again

Maybe it just takes me a few weeks to adjust. Today I was back to the lower uchiokoshi after watching more carefully and realizing that I just couldn’t raise my arms much higher without my shoulders going up. So now I’m back closer to 45 degrees. I guess those kyudo kyohon guys knew what they were talking about. It felt strangely low, but that’s just contrast with previous habit. More importantly, it worked out, at least for today!

Another small point is that today was the first hot afternoon of the year, around 27C. The bowstring stretched so far that I had to retie it, so I should probably check the spare one, too. There’s a taikai on Sunday, both enteki and kinteki. I’m thinking that I will change to the second string after enteki because it tends to be really hard on them. You see the target so far away… it’s natural to overdraw.

Meanwhile I borrowed Illuminated Spirit: Conversations with a Kyudo Master at the library. Inspiration. And some fine people commented on a couple of posts here, but for some reason they don’t show up. Much to learn about this blog stuff. Nice to have visitors, though!

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One Response to Kyudo Notebook: Uchiokoshi Again

  1. Zen says:

    I have been linking your post to Facebook, so you will be getting more exposure . Good write ups! Ganabatte!

    Doing blogs myself it is always nice to get given a small comment, so it does not feel you are writing in to space (^_^). If they are not showing up, maybe you have something to reset, like can anyone comment or do they have to be approved, then posted.


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