Kyudo Notebook: Calm Before the Storm

Very few people at the kyudojo today, so it was very relaxed and peaceful except for the SDF brass band rehearsing for tomorrow’s open house. They’re pretty good but I doubt anyone will be able to hear after the helicopters and fighter jets do their thing.

Kinteki was surprisingly good. Now if only I knew why! I kept the lower uchiokoshi, and although my notebook was full of stuff I wanted to try today, really all I did was set my right hand a little different. It felt good, but with no teachers there to watch today I could be way off track.

Enteki started out well, no doubt because I was relaxed from kinteki, but then I started to over-draw. Yさん told me to just relax and do the same thing as in kinteki, but just with the left hand a bit higher, and that was better, but I’m still off-balance somehow. Also I destroyed one arrow. Well, I didn’t. A thick steel bar, part of the target stand, did. The arrow hit and then bounced straight backward, maybe 10 meters. Surprisingly, the (steel) shaft seems OK, but the both the yajiri and the hazu are gone. Weird physics. Fortunately I have two extra arrows, so I’m OK for tomorrow, and there will be a kyudo shop at the taikai so I should be able to get the damaged one fixed (or replaced) at some point during the day. Take-away lesson: Always buy six arrows.

The rest is a matter of the mind. The good stuff!

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