Kyudo Notebook: Overheard

Today there was a special tutorial for people in the region who are renshi or kyoshi. The teachers where all hanshi. In fact we have this every year, and I always show up thinking that I’m going to practice, but no. Then I stay for a few hours to watch and see if I can learn anything. The two bits of advice I overheard (this from one of the hanshi to the group as a whole) was (1) to be sure to maintain the gojujumonji all the way through zanshin. The main point of contention here was tenouchi, which was good since that’s what I’m working on now. Also (2) emphasizing that the expansion at kai needs to come from the centre of the body outward. “Not the hands, not the elbows, not the arms.” Centre.

I’m glad I have this virtual notebook because I’ll be away all week with no chance to practice kyudo except in my imagination. I think it’s going to be a stressful time, though (heat, crowds, the subway, the crushing bureaucracy…), so perhaps it will be an opportunity to practice other things. And visit book stores.

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