Kyudo Notebook: Balance

So I made it to practice yesterday and while still not quite back in stable form, things were better. As usual, though, by concentrating on my left arm, my right started slacking off, so at hanare things were a bit unbalanced. I know what I want to do, what I should do, and I’ve seen other people do it, but getting there nevertheless takes effort and repetition. And repetition. And then you have to repeat it. But if and when I find it, I imagine it will feel wonderful. There was a new kyudoka there, maybe a university student home for summer break, who was so stable at hanare that you could have balanced a cup of water on top of her head. Her body didn’t move at all. Really impressive.

Also we talked about going to the All-Japan Tournament (PDF) at Meiji Jingu next month. It’s a chance to see the best of the best, plus it will give me an opportunity to wander over to Koyama Kyugu and see how serious the bank is about overdrawn accounts.

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