Kyudo: Internationalization

I heard from one of the teachers that the next international kyudo taikai will be held in France. I guess the idea is that the winners of one taikai become the hosts of the next, and have four years to get everything ready. Also it looks like Japan will send a team next time, so watch out world!

I have mixed feelings about having the event outside of Japan. Of course, kyudo is international, and the Japanese kyudoka will enjoy going abroad if they can afford it. But I can’t help thinking that many of the non-Japanese will kind of miss the opportunity to come to Japan. It sounds like the Tokyo taikai was a place to make good contacts with teachers and fellow travellers, and of course, there would have been lots of kyudo shops to explore.

But maybe it’s time?

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7 Responses to Kyudo: Internationalization

  1. M3 says:

    Well ,
    as far as I’m concerned i think its a great excuse to see the world and how other kyudoka live and train and i cant wait to go to non – Asia to practice and compete in kyudo . i would have made it to Germany last year but my baby Miwa was born the same week …so I’m ready now …and yes she will go again ..

    Darth Kyudoka — long Beach ,Ca

  2. karamatsu says:

    Oh, good. I guess it really IS time!

  3. Cor-san says:

    I was at the Tokyo taikai last year and had a wonderful time (using the trip as an excuse to buy my first yumi and gake, or was it the other way around?). The people I met were extremely friendly and helpful.

    Use the experience of going to the other side of the world to find out whether home (Japan in your case I guess) is really as good as you think it is. I found out that (at least being a guest) Japan is hard to beat in friendlyness, courtesy, etc.

    Remember, at least that is what my sensei tells me over and over again, that kyudo is about “improving” on yourself by experience. If you deny yourself the experience, you won’t improve as much.

  4. karamatsu says:

    It’s a good point! Certainly I’d love to visit France with yumi in tow. Or… any place else for that matter!

  5. Cor-san says:

    Ah.. we might even meet (once I get myself selectable and selected).

  6. karamatsu says:

    That would be very nice. But in truth, if I want to go, I’ll have to start saving money now!

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