Kyudo Notebook: Waves

Whenever someone points out that I’m shooting well on a particular day, I tell them it’s just the crest of a wave that will inevitably be followed by a trough. Now I’m in one of the troughs, wondering when things will start looking up. I’m really not sure what is going on. K先生 is focusing on my left hand and getting a balanced release, but internally I’m more concerned (obsessed?) with my right hand the the difficulty of getting a sharp release. This was a non-problem through much of July and August, so I don’t know what is happening, whether it is technical or in some other realm, or quite what to do about it. But nothing to do except work through it.

Meanwhile I decided to go ahead and sign up for the shinsa in three weeks. The main things I need to work on before that will be sitting in kiza without sliding forward after a minute or two, overcoming current shooting problems, and reviewing for the written test.

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