Kyudo Notebook: Nocking Point

Hardly anyone came to practice yesterday. It was a rainy day, but more importantly I suspect everyone was exhausted from the shinsa. Even when you’re just one of the volunteer worker bees, it’s a long day. I don’t know how the shinsa-in manage to stay alert and focused the whole time.

Anyway, yesterday I discovered anew the importance of getting the nocking point right. At first my arrows were reliably under the target again, but this time, based on the previous experience, at least I had a clue. I checked my nocking point with one of those blue plastic tekichu jougi tools that was hanging up at the dojo,

Tekichu Jogi

Tekichu Jogi

and it seems I was nocking the arrows just a bit high. Shift them down a bit, and bang! Spot on. The difference was only a few millimetres.

I think I will have to put this tool to use more regularly, although rather than carry the tool itself I’ll probably just paint some marks on my makiwara-ya to show the correct point. I have enough stuff to carry. But it’s interesting to see how much difference such a tiny change can make.

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