Kyudo Notebook: Statistics

The ANKF web site says there were 135,593 registered kyudoka as of January 2008. The latest edition of Kyudo magazine has an article mentioning that 48% of registered kyudoka are high school students, and another 9% are in junior high school. If you assume that university students make up another 20%, the kyudoka population in Japan turns out to be pretty young, at least on average.

Another document (PDF) says that some 53,000 people were promoted (mostly at shinsa) in 2009. The numbers at the different levels are kind of interesting:

Hanshi 4
Kyoshi 121
Renshi 269
10-dan 0
9-dan 0
8-dan 13
7-dan 37
6-dan 192
5-dan 501
4-dan 944
3-dan 1,983
2-dan 7,978
Sho-dan 15,832
Kyu (all levels) 25,997
Total 52,971

Unfortunately they don’t give the number who participated in the various shinsa, so it’s hard to know if the relative numbers show what we’re up against or just a natural reduction in those striving for the next level. Probably both. Also it starts to get expensive as you move up.

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