Kyudo Notebook: Deja vu Again

So now that things are a little stable again, and the shinsa is over, it’s apparently time to change things. Yesterday in the middle of practice K先生 made some big changes to my position at daisan. Shooting was immediately more smooth, but it’s like pulling one corner of a spider web: it’s takes a little while for the actions and reactions to play themselves out before the whole can settle down. The main thing he’s having me do now is stretch my left arm far less forward than I was doing before. This has the effect of stopping the turn of the bow from uchiokoshi into daisan much sooner, so that (to me) it feels incomplete. And yet, in actual shooting, it works quite well. Very strong yugaeri, as you’d expect.

What I am not sure about is the balance of left and right. Probably I need to spend some time with the makiwara and a mirror so I can get a handle on what this really means. He was also reminding me to stretch out the tate-yoko cross at kai, so I suspect that the new daisan position makes me tilt one way or the other. But it all felt so new that I couldn’t tell. Practice, practice, practice…

Overall there seems to be a tension between his desire for me to draw 大きく大きく, yet maintain the rounded enso form and not have the bow so close to my body at daisan. I wonder if I don’t fully understand what he means by 大きく… if it has more (or different) dimensions than I imagine?

Fortunately or unfortunately, the dojo is reserved for something or other during the long weekend, so no practice until Tuesday. Time to think.

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