Kyudo Notebook: Koan

Yesterday I received a koan. How to keep the muscles in my arms, and particularly in my right hand, relaxed, without introducing any slack (yurumi), or for that matter letting go altogether? Really it may just seem like a koan because I had difficulty understanding what the teacher was saying. But the question recalls Herrigel’s efforts to draw the bow “spiritually,” without tension in his arms. Perhaps it goes back to the Shaho-Kun and the idea that you shoot with the bone, not the bow? In any case, I will now have a week to ponder it because there’s a tutorial at the dojo this weekend and I have to travel some next week. With luck, though, I will be able to visit a kyudo shop and get my arrows re-fletched. It all depends on the timing and the trains. They’re really boro-boro now, though. Need to do something.
Meanwhile, 5/10 yesterday at the mini-taikai. That’s about par for what I’ve been able to do lately with the new daisan. Yugaeri is out the window, though. On the bus home I was thinking that this might be because I don’t have a proper cross between the bow and my right hand at that point. Something to experiment with next week.

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