Kyudo Notebook: Video

There’s a very short clip of Komaki Kayou (renshi, 6-dan) at the All-Japan tournament on YouTube. The title says the photo is from the final round but I’m pretty sure it’s actually from the first, which may be better. Some serious concentration there, which is good because the camera wobble at the beginning makes me seasick.

Komaki-san placed 4th in the first round (where people are graded on a point scale), then hit 8/10 in the second round. But there were six people with that same score and she didn’t secure a place in the run-off enkin for 3rd, 4th, and 5th place overall.

So far this is the only video I’ve found of the tournament, at least until the DVDs come out. Word has filtered back that although people are free to photograph and video such events, it’s not really appropriate to publish them on the Internet without asking, and I agree with that. Ethics have lagged behind technology and a balance needs to be restored. But presumably the person uploading this clip has permission, otherwise they would have posted more.

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