Kyudo Notebook: Noushakai / International Seminar

Strangely unsettled at the last taikai for the year. We were having a blizzard so at times it was difficult to even see the targets, but I don’t think that was really a factor. I was shooting too fast, not giving the release time to develop on its own. What was the rush? But still managed 5th place and we had a good bounenkai afterwards.

Meanwhile at the taikai I was handed a notice about the First Asia-Oceania Kyudo Seminar and special shinsa, April 14-17 (2011) in Nagoya. This seems to be jointly sponsored by the IKYF and ANKF, but with particular support from the kyudo associations in New Zealand and Taiwan. It would be interesting to attend the seminar, but I doubt if I’d be ready for the shinsa. Might be fun to try it anyway, though. They’re testing for dan levels up from sho-dan up to 6-dan, plus renshi as well.

To inquire, send a note to ikyf (then that funny at mark) The application deadline is February 17, 2011.

The seminar itself is very reasonable (¥5000, shinsa fees and accommodation separate), but getting there is another matter. A friend told me tonight that she got tickets to Australia around that time for ¥40,000 yen. My ticket to Tokyo next week cost ¥43,000. Something is very wrong with this picture…

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  1. tkj2com says:

    nice share.. thanks for post.. i will always visit your blog.

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