Kyudo Notebook: 2011

First practice of the year last night, with obligatory blizzard. The first arrow felt pretty good, and although it hit well, shaking the snow off the target, the tsurune was weird. I tried a couple of things with the bow itself, the string, but it in the end it the problem was me. My guess is that daisan was too low and the balance was off, so I ended up tilting the arrow as it came down into kai, and that threw everything else off.

It fascinates me how everything is related to everything. How the mere sound of the shot can tell a teacher whether things went well externally, and by virtue of that, whether things were going well internally. I need to dig into this more at tomorrow’s practice and figure out what’s happening. Maybe use the mirror. Also, first taikai of the year on Sunday, then an overnight at an onsen.

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One Response to Kyudo Notebook: 2011

  1. Zen says:

    “everything is related to everything.”


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