Kyudo Notebook: Wrist

Good practice today. At first things seemed to be going well, but as time went on I noticed that my left hand was jumping forward again at the release. I think K-sensei noticed as well and after watching for a while corrected the position of my left wrist at daisan. What seems to have happened is that I developed a habit of letting the left wrist bend a bit in order that the bow turn enough to reach a position that I’d sort of settled on as my standard. Correcting that — keeping the line of the left forearm, wrist, and hand more or less straight — immediately seemed to make the forward bounce go away (I’m still trying to work out the physics there), and also transferred much more power to the arrow, so while they were all correct left-to-right, they all went above the target, which is easy to fix.

Also I committed to going to Kyoto in May. I’m thinking that after the taikai and the shinsa I’ll hang around for a few days and renew my acquaintances. Either that or go to a Zen temple. Maybe both.

I was also thinking today about kyudo and how it relates to my Buddhist practice, but I’m getting “stop using the computer” signals so I’ll leave that for another note.

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2 Responses to Kyudo Notebook: Wrist

  1. Willem says:

    if you see a buch of Caucasian (South African and for some strange reason probably with beards ) Chiba Kyudoka wandering around , say Hi 🙂

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