Kyudo Notebook: More Wrist Work

Realigning my wrist to eliminate the hairisugi effect has had a big effect, but as always, when one thing changes, everything else shifts. The added power and stability of the new daisan position is clear, but what I noticed, after getting the elevation correct, is that my fingers are now too far back on the bow at kai, so after the release the bow tends to tip forward and twist into the dreaded べた form. So it seems I need to change either tenouchi itself or the way/timing in which I stop the turning of the bow into daisan. Or both. I’m not sure… and am looking forward to seeing what my teacher says. At practice I tried to alter the pitch of my left hand to see if that would bring things back into balance, but no… it just made the forward “bounce” come back in new and exciting ways. It’s all so subtle.

An interesting observation is that this ends up being connected with what I thought was a solution before, alignment of the bones in the left arm. It turns out that as you change the angle of attack of the left/hand wrist, what you’re doing is changing the alignment of the radius and ulna. That’s their job. So things are coming together, but just aren’t “there” yet.

Taikai on Friday (national holiday), so I’ll spend the night in town again so I can get to the dojo in time the next morning. At some point it will become economical to have a car, but… not yet.

Oh, and I talked to a friend about the kimono. She says she’ll make me one (without the mon) for practice use. I just need to buy the fabric and enough whole-wheat chocolate-chip cookies to help her maintain the right energy level. Too little and she starts taking shortcuts. Too much and she starts adding psychedelic designs. Life is such a balancing act…

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  1. Rick Beal says:

    Thanks for the wonderful posts.

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