Kyudo Notebook: Winter Taikai

The taikai went pretty well. Or at least, everything seemed to be going well. But then in the last round I started thinking that everything seemed to be going well, got a bit attached to the idea, and I’m pretty sure that’s what tripped me up. Note to self: don’t do that. Second place in the division.

I need to get used to shooting rissha. More important, I still need to figure some tenouchi things out with the modified wrist alignment, although that went OK for the most part. More work for next week. Otherwise it was fun, and after a gloomy, -10 morning, an unexpectedly beautiful day.

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2 Responses to Kyudo Notebook: Winter Taikai

  1. Zen says:


  2. karamatsu says:

    Thank you! Now no more taikai until April, I think, so time to figure out the important stuff. Also the prizes were chocolates, so I’ll need to work those off…

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