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Kyudo Notebook: Dai-Ichi Shajo

Two practical notes. When the shajo is divided into two, the one designated dai-ichi is the one closest to the kamiza. The threshold is an imaginary line inside the actual shajo area, about half way, and far to the back. … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Taikai

An essay my teacher gave me early on had a line that went, “If you think, ‘I’m not going to let the target capture me’ then it’s already captured you.” I think that’s what happened today. This was an anniversary … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Don’t Forget

Even after no practice on the weekend because the dojo was booked for an event, and then missing practice on Tuesday due to a cold, I didn’t expect things to be very different, but they were, and K先生 had to … Continue reading

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Kyudo Video: Asia Oceania Kyudo Seminar

Some video has been posted from the Asia Oceania Kyudo Seminar in Nagoya last week. In truth I’d forgotten all about it with so much else going on, but I guess people decided to brave the radioactivity and carry on! … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: また大きく

Two things from yesterday. First I’ve gotten lazy and need to really stretch upward from uchiokoshi into daisan. Second I think I need to change the form of my right hand just a little bit so that there’s more of … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Accumulations

It’s been a while since I wrote anything. I guess it felt too strange. But last weekend we had an all-day tutorial, and in the main teacher’s opening remarks he noted that it’s now been almost a month since the … Continue reading

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