Kyudo Notebook: また大きく

Two things from yesterday. First I’ve gotten lazy and need to really stretch upward from uchiokoshi into daisan. Second I think I need to change the form of my right hand just a little bit so that there’s more of a 90 degree cross between the first joints of the fingers and the thumb of the glove. Maybe have the hand a bit more compact, too… this is just experimenting. Otherwise still working on getting a balanced release. The main thing seems to be not giving in to the urge to let go. Let the release develop…

We also played around a bit with a Casio Exilim FH-100. It’s an ordinary consumer-level digital camera but it allows you to make slow-motion video, and even at medium speeds (240fps) it’s good enough that you can see how someone’s hand/arms move at hanare. You can even watch the arrow move, though it goes out of the frame pretty fast.

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