Kyudo Notebook: Don’t Forget

Even after no practice on the weekend because the dojo was booked for an event, and then missing practice on Tuesday due to a cold, I didn’t expect things to be very different, but they were, and K先生 had to remind me (again) about a bunch of things.

  • Arrow higher at daisan. Need to check the mirror there.
  • The higher position changes the target’s apparent position over the left arm, so I need to find the right place again.
  • Avoid putting too much energy in the hands. It seems I do that when there is stress.
  • The right hand should go straight back,  強く、遠く、素直に. The apparent contradiction there is something I need to work out in practice.

Essentially my balance was off in many ways at the same time. We had a mini-taikai, and that didn’t go well at all, though in the last round K先生 came over and did some of his magic. That helped, but of course it’s up to me to absorb it. This weekend there is a shinsa, then a taikai on the 29th, then we are off to Kyoto! I got the tickets yesterday. I hate travelling with all the stuff, but with people coming from abroad I can hardly complain, and it will be worth it!

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