Kyudo Notebook: Gadgetry

On Tuesday one of my dojo-mates showed up with a small tablet computer running an Android application called YumiReco that let her track hits/misses and other information. It seemed pretty well done. One feature is that you can graph your hitting percentage, and see the waves of ups and downs over time. There are still some rough edges, but you can send feedback to the author for improvements.

The interface I saw was all Japanese, so I don’t know if it can be switched to other languages. If not, maybe someone could contribute a translation of the necessary English text? But the hit/miss recording is done just by touch, so it should be usable regardless. Anyway I thought some people might be interested. Maybe if people know of similar software they could post a comment?

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2 Responses to Kyudo Notebook: Gadgetry

  1. some kyudoka says:

    Would the app not profit more if you could also indicate where the arrow ended up? There are some rough indicators you can derive from the location where the arrow landed. Things like overworking the katte or mette etc. show up like that.
    However, I hear my sensei already telling me that it is always a combination of these factors and a lot more other things as well… He’s not a great advocate of too much modern techniques, and in a way (in that regard) he is right: there is no substitute for direct presence of a good sensei.

  2. karamatsu says:

    Yes, in fact we talked about wanting to add that exactly that feature. The other thing that the application lacks, compared to a regular notebook, is a way to make notes about what you think went wrong/right, and what you want to try next time. Although I tend to do that sort of reflection at the end of practice, on the bus home, some of people (including the friend who brought the tablet computer in) do that after almost every set. She also has a practice where she promises to pay (herself) a 100 yen fine every time she doesn’t hit more than 50%, so she wants the software to display a final bill!
    I suppose I’m ambivalent about modern techniques, all in all. In truth I’m not really sure what those would be. I did find looking at video of my own shooting and taihai helpful, though. Or at least… I think it was helpful. Maybe it made me think too much. Uh oh.

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