Kyudo Notebook: Enteki

Today was the enteki taikai at our dojo, but just as with last year, it was a rain-in, which is to say, instead of being outside, we moved inside to the regular dojo and used coloured 36cm targets from 30 meters. I didn’t do well this year, but got some good comments, and that means more to me. Mentally I have been sort of turning inside at kai, and I think what may happen is that the aim drifts. Probably I need to fine tune my attention a bit, and leave just one tiny corner of my mind focused on that round thing 28m away. The other problem was that it was so hot. I’m looking forward to autumn!

Oh, also, afterwards K先生 talked a little about zanshin and I think he was confirming the idea I had a little while ago of shifting my attention to a place straight ahead, rather than down at the target. But I need to check with him about that on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, it’s O-bon. Traditionally, our ancestors will be visiting, and then (at least in Hokkaido) the weather will suddenly cool. The final sprint of the taikai season is thus at hand, as everyone trying to get in as much as possible before cool becomes cold. So, another taikai next Sunday, then several more in September and October, all winding up with the October shinsa, and then the snow wall (which I hate) goes up. Busy, busy.

Meanwhile I was very impressed by the teaching that Satake Mariko (hanshi, 8-dan or 9?) gave in Minnesota, which Zen kindly quoted. This statement in particular:

  • That which is right will always over come that which is wrong. That which is true will always over come that which is false. Please train so you can understand this for your self.

could just as easily have been said by Gandhi, Samdhong Rinpoche, Aung San Suu Kyi, or any of my Buddhist teachers. Zen has more quotes here. Notice that she says train, though, rather than study or believe. We’re meant to know this experientially. It’s a good motivator for me. Just the right thing at just the right time.

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