Kyudo Notebook: A Little More Practice

Yesterday was better. The key seems to revolve around the higher daisan, with the arrow parallel to my shoulder line and (necessarily) closer than before. Also as an experiment I’m putting my right middle finger a little further out on the thumb. Get past that first urge for release, then focus on sending the right hand straight out, fast and far at zanshin. Sometime after that, an arrow flies. Somehow. Need to check with K-sensei about the right hand thing, though.

A lot of students are back at the dojo after their summer break and whatever else they were doing, so the place has become very nigiyaka as they all catch up on what each of them did over the break. It’s a bit jarring after such a quiet September, but a good way to strengthen concentration!

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2 Responses to Kyudo Notebook: A Little More Practice

  1. Karolus says:

    Bonjour karamatsu,

    Sorry I dodn’t read all posts, so I don’t know your level. The idea of “sending the right hand straight out..” is ok for starting, but don’t use it too long.

    The right hand end up in a good position if it is RELAX and the body is armed with power and stretch so hanare come by itself.

    Trying to “put that hand in a good position for zanshin”, will create tension, and that is what you want to avoid.
    Do you have De Prospero / Onuma sensei’s book ?
    There is a good picture on how the right hand should feel: A hook. That is what Onuma Sensei was saying to his student (like my sempaï).
    If you are in Tokyo, you can try that in the metro, hanging yourself on the index and main finger of the right hand, and increasing your weight until “it realease”. Well, not in rush hour…

  2. karamatsu says:


    Well, I’m probably not explaining the right hand thing well enough. It’s hard to do with words. I think this is really just something my teacher has me doing now to counteract a tendency I have to focus too much on the left. I’m almost certain that once this becomes habitual he’ll tell me to change it. Or change something else. That seems to be the way he works: never let the student get into a rut. I do have the DeProspero/Onuma book, though. Which page are you referring to? Maybe I’m just not communicating well, but I do share your concern that I may be focusing too much on the hand. I need to find a good moment to ask about that…

    But I should say that these notes are just my personal little notebook. I’m never saying, “This is how it should be done.” It’s just where I happen to be right now. There’s an evolution over time. Or at least I hope so!!

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