Kyudo Notebook: 2012 Asia-Oceania Kyudo Seminar

The dojo reopens today so at last I can practice again. Probably good to have the break to and recover from whatever was going on before, though with all the snow it hasn’t exactly been a vacation!

Meanwhile, they’ve announced the 2012 Asia-Oceania seminar, once again in Nagoya. It’s open to people from New Zealand, Taiwan, and foreigners practising in Japan, with the possibility of accepting people from other renmei outside of Japan (check with them). As with last year, there will be a seminar and then a special shinsa, so it’s a good chance to get instruction and to take the written test in (perhaps) a more familiar language. The seminar is April 13-15, with the shinsa on the 16th. Registration deadline is 17 February. They don’t give a web site but you can contact them at “ikyf” then that funny a-in-circle thing followed by “” or telephone 03-3481-2387 (weekdays only).

I think about it, but I have to be kind of budget-conscious this year and March/April are already pretty packed. Looks good, though.

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