Kyudo Notebook: Mantra

So yesterday we had our monthly mini-taikai, maybe 40 people. Since we’d be shooting without much in the way of breaks, I decided to use my older bow. I did pretty well, tied with my teacher for 1st, and we’ll have the final tomorrow. But the thing I wanted to note was that, although I was nervous pretty much the whole time, as sometimes happens in competition, this time I didn’t let being nervous bother me. It was as if there was me, focused on shooting, and then this other nervous person who I was aware of but not really paying much attention to. This is familiar from meditation, but it’s a little different in the midst of a complex set of actions, people watching and talking, etc. So it was good practice. To stay focused I mentally recited Shakyamuni’s mantra, not remembering until later that it’s meaning relates to control of the mind and delusions. Fitting.

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One Response to Kyudo Notebook: Mantra

  1. Zen says:

    Excellent! Akimaste Omedetou!

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