Kyudo Notebook: Overdrawing

Changes coming fast and furious, setting aside some of the advice from the previous weekend. Higher uchiokoshi, higher daisan, and then the new point was that I seem to be overdrawing the bow. I don’t have a good visual sense of what that looked like, but what I should be doing is bringing the right hand down closer to the right shoulder, and then from there expanding (and eventually releasing) from the centre, with the right hand especially going out all the way, straight back. The combination worked well and felt really good, much better than merely hitting the target!

People are trying to work out how to keep practising while the construction is done. There are some old dojo here and there, but I’m told that many of them have really, really low ceilings, and I’d have to shoot from a kneeling position. All in all that might not be bad, though, given that the ceiling at the International Seminar dojo is also said to be quite low. Might be fun.

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