Kyudo Notebook: Shinsa Questions for 2-Dan


The Kyudo Kyohon describes this level as, “Both the shooting form and formal movement (taihai) should have good arrangement with evidence of spiritual energy in the technique. There should be less uncertainty in the placing of the arrows.” So here we start getting past the mechanical aspects. “Less uncertainty” means that the arrows are now grouping well even if they aren’t hitting the target, and better than was expected at shodan level.

  • 2011
    • 弓道修練が日常生活にどんあように生きていますか
      How does your Kyudo practice manifest in your everyday life?
    • 離れについて述べなさい
      Explain hanare
    • 弓道の良い点を友達にどのように説明するか述べなさい
      What would you say if you were to explain the positive points of Kyudo to a friend?
    • 基本の姿勢について述べなさい
      Explain the fundamental postures
    • 失をしたときの心得について述べなさい
      Describe the procedure for handling an error (shitsu)
  • 2010
    • 三重十文字について書いて下さい
      Explain the sanjū jūmonji
    • 大三について書いて下さい
      Explain daisan
    • 基本の姿勢を列記し、立った姿勢について書いて下さい
      List the fundamental postures and write about the standing posture.
    • 八つの基本の動作を列記して下さい
      List the eight fundamental movements
    • 弐段の審査基準について書いて下さい
      What are the judging standards used for 2-dan?
  • 2009
    • 射法八節を列記し、弓構えの要点を書きなさい
      List the shaho hassetsu and explain the important points of yugamae
    • 三重十文字について書きなさい
      Explain the sanjū jūmonji
    • 引き分けの留意点を述べなさい
      Describe the points requiring special attention in hikiwake
    • 大三について書きなさい
      Explain daisan
    • 基本の動作を八つ書きなさい
      Write eight fundamental movements
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3 Responses to Kyudo Notebook: Shinsa Questions for 2-Dan

  1. cor-san says:

    When you translated “fundamental postures” from Japanese, which part of the book were you looking at? I found “basic postures” (I am talking from the top of my head right now, I haven’t got the book at hand at the moment) and the book listed 4 and 8 postures (sitting and standing).

    Is the question referring to these postures or is it referring to the postures from the Hassetsu (which in my mind are quite fundamental as well)?

  2. karamatsu says:

    Sorry about that. Yes, they’re what O’Brien-sensei calls the basic postures (standing plus the three types of sitting). To avoid confusion I probably should have used the same terms that he did, but looking them all up would have taken forever!

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