Kyudo Notebook: Shinsa Questions for 3-Dan


The Kyudo Kyohon describes this level as, “The shooting form is better established and the formal movement (taihai) is more stable. The breathing is ordered and the method of using shooting technique is correctly obeyed. The arrow should fly straight, and there should be more consistency in hitting the target.” So here it seems like a person has reached the point where the movements have become more smooth and refined. Consistency is rumoured to mean that at least one arrow should hit.

  • 2011
    • 「基本の動作」を列記し本座での「座り方」を述べなさい
      List the fundamental movements and describe the way of sitting down at the honza
    • 残身(心)について述べなさい
      Explain zanshin
    • 弓道の最高目標について述べなさい
      Explain the highest goals of Kyudo
    • 日常生活が射に及ぼす影響を述べよ
      Describe the way in which everyday life affects shooting
    • 五重十文字について述べよ
      Explain the gojū jūmonji
  • 2010
    • 五重十文字に書いて下さい
      Describe the gojū jūmonji
    • 縦横十文字について書いて下さい
      Explain the tateyoko jūmonji
    • 基本動作の中の歩き方について書いて下さい
      From among the fundamental movements write about walking
    • 失(弦切れ)の心得を書いて下さい
      Explain the rules for handling an error (shitsu) such as a broken bowstring
    • 参段の審査基準について書いて下さい
      What are the judging standards for the 3-dan shinsa?
  • 2009
    • 五重十文字に書きなさい
      Describe the gojū jūmonji
    • 縦横十文字について書きなさい
      Explain the tateyoko jūmonji
    • 失のときの心得を書きなさい(弦が切れた場合)
      Explain the rules when handling an error (shitsu), in this case a broken bowstring
    • 基本動作の中の歩き方について述べなさい
      From among the fundamental movements write about walking
    • 会における伸合いについて書きなさい
      Explain nobiai in kai
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