Kyudo Notebook: Shinsa Questions for 4-Dan


The Kyudo Kyohon describes this level as, “In addition to having the elements of the previous level, there should be correct breathing and the release should be sharp. Consistency should be reached in hitting the target.” That last sentence points to the rule of thumb often heard, that for 4-dan you should hit the target with both arrows, though from what I have seen it isn’t a strict a requirement. The other visible aspect of 4-dan is that it’s done wearing wafuku, kimono, so it introduces the whole matter of dealing with the left sleeve (men) or tying back both sleeves with the tasuki (women). These factors can be a bit of a distraction! The questions run deeper, too:

  • 2011
    • 息合い・目づかいについて述べなさい
      Explain ikiai and mezukai.
    • 基本動作の注意点を述べなさい
      Discuss the important points of the kihon dosa.
    • 「射は正しきを己に求む」とはどういう事か述べなさい
      Explain the meaning of sha ha tadashiki wo onore ni motomu (“Proper shooting must be sought within oneself”)
    • 射法射技の基本について述べなさい
      What are the essentials of shooting technique?
    • 基本の姿勢と動作について述べなさい
      Explain the kihon shisei and kihon dosa.
  • 2010
    • 射法射技の基本を五つ書いて下さい。
      What are the five fundamentals of shooting technique?
    • 息合いについて書いて下さい。
      Discuss ikiai, the harmony of breathing.
    • 会における伸合いについて書いて下さい。
      Discuss nobiai in kai.
    • 射即人生の意味を書いて下さい。
      Explain the expression shasoku jinsei (“Shooting is Life”)
    • 四段の審査基準を書いて下さい。
      What is the standard used to judge the 4-dan shinsa?
  • 2009
    • 息合いについt書きなさい
      Discuss ikiai, the harmony of breathing.
    • 揖の心得とその動作について書きなさい
      Explain the procedures and mechanics of
    • 射即人生の意味を簡単に書きなさい
      Write a simple explanation of the expression shasoku jinsei(“Shooting is Life”)
    • 射法射技の基本を五つ書きなさい
      What are the five fundamentals of shooting technique?
    • 会の構成について書きなさい
      Explain the construction of kai.
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