Kyudo Notebook: Shinsa Questions for 5-Dan


The Kyudo Kyohon describes this level as, “The shooting form, the shooting technique, and the method of formal movement should be suitable for the level, with evidence of refinement in the shooting. In particular, progress should be shown over previous levels.” So here, in comparison to all that has come before, the judgement is more subjective, and essentially you’ve reached the 5-dan level when you shoot like someone at the 5-dan level. People testing for this likely know what that means but the questions may still be of interest to all. Some of these are a bit hard to understand because they refer to specific statements in the Kyudo Kyohon.

  • 2011
    • (Trying to get these)
  • 2010
    • 基本の三つの姿勢と八つの動作について列記して下さい
      List the three fundamental postures and the eight fundamental movements
    • 基本動作の留意点を八つ列記し、間について書いて下さい
      List the eight key points to pay attention to during the fundamental movements, then write about ma
    • 離れについて書いて下さい
      Explain about hanare
    • 弓道の最高目標について書いて下さい
      Describe the highest goals of Kyudo
    • 五段の審査基準を書いて下さい
      What is the judging standard for the 5-dan shinsa?
  • 2009
    • 基本体形について書きなさい
      Explain what is meant by the basic body form
    • 基本動作の留意点を列記し、胴造りの重要性を書きなさい
      List the key points of attention for the fundamental movements, then write about the importance of dozukuri
    • 弓の抵抗力について書きなさい
      Describe the power of the resistance of the bow
    • 射礼拝観の意義について書きなさい
      Describe the significance of sharei haikan
    • 弦調べについて書きなさい
      Explain tsuru shirabe
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7 Responses to Kyudo Notebook: Shinsa Questions for 5-Dan

  1. ecbyahoo says:

    Thank you for publishing test questions.! Would you mind if we made suggestions on how to use the translation from the English kyohon along with giving the pages of the English kyohon?
    Yoshiko Buchanan, president
    American Kyudo Renmei.

    • karamatsu says:

      Hello! I’m sorry about the delay getting back to you. Certainly I would be happy for any suggestions that would make these more useful! Adding page numbers from the Kyohon is a great idea.

      • ecbyahoo says:

        I have linked directly from my blog to your articles on the test questions. I have also published your blog posts with some commentary from Yoshiko as to page numbers. I hope you don’t mind that I have done this on another blog.

      • karamatsu says:

        Oh, I don’t mind at all. Thank you, in fact! I’m sure you will reach more people, for one thing. I find that the questions push me to deepen my attempts to understand, so I hope others will find them useful, too. What’s the address of your blog?

      • ecbyahoo says:

        my new blog is at You’ll see one blog entry where I link directly to your questions at each rank. After Yoshiko added some comments I highlighted her comments in yellow and made a blog post of it. Yoshiko didn’t give page numbers for everything, she thought the students should look it up. There was one mistranslation that she commented on. And she warned that some terms are not in the kyohon!

      • karamatsu says:

        Thanks for that! I fixed the translation error. Probably by that time my eyes were getting fuzzy. Early on I thought of looking up the standardized terms from the kyohon, but figured that the differences weren’t so important as long as the meaning got across. I see now, though, that if people are going to go back to the kyohon to investigate, it would have been better to use the same terminology. Maybe I’ll go back and edit the existing entries when I add new ones. I’m still gathering questions!

  2. ecbyahoo says:

    Thank you for posting the test questions! There are a few changes that
    I think would improve the English questions, such as using the English
    word from the Kyohon and giving the page number of the English kyohon.
    Would you like my input on that?
    Yoshiko Buchanan, AKR President

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