Kyudo Notebook: Goals

The weekend taikai didn’t go so well, which I kind of expected. Many things are in flux and I’ve decided that that’s part of the problem. Need to settle down, down, down, and then have the patience to only change one thing at a time, and slowly. During the two-hour ride back our teacher was talking about the different reasons people practise kyudo and how he tries to tailor his instruction to each person’s goal. This, in turn, got me thinking, or re-thinking, about just what my goals are, both in the dojo and outside. It’s something worth pondering now and then.

A lot of energy went into a university course I was taking this past term, and now that that’s over I probably need to sort of re-calibrate my mental focus… do a bit of a mid-course correction and get back on track to work on the things I truly consider important. It’s just too easy to get caught up in immediate short-term demands and put off the important stuff, but you can only do that for so long. I seem to have created some bad habits that will take work to overcome.

Meanwhile we’re going to be hosting some impressive teachers for the upcoming chuo-shinsa, including Yoshimoto Kiyonobu (Hanshi, 9-dan) and I think Kawamura Mitsuyoshi (Hanshi, 8-dan), so I’m looking forward to the demonstrations.

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