Kyudo Notebook: Some Video

Short videos on Youtube now from the re-opening ceremony at the Tokyo Budokan. I didn’t know it was closed, but that’s what I get for being 1000km away.

Miyagi-sensei, (2nd) taught at the Chiba seminar this year, and you can see Kubota-sensei sitting on a chair to the right of the officials. Saito-sensei (3rd) is a regular at the All-Japan tournament. I expect to see her there next month.

The Aikido teacher, Sugawara Shigeru also taught at the Chiba seminar. He has amazingly thick wrists and strong hands. He’s the one whose grip I could still feel a week after the event.

While I’m at it there are also these two from the All-Japan tournament last year. It’s the second round, and they’re the final five out of the top twenty. Out of this group, the fifth archer (Hosokawa-sensei) won the tournament (9/10). The second video also has the enkin round to decide 4th and 5th place, then another round for 2nd and 3rd.

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