Kyudo Notebook: Shinsa, Lost, Yumi

So our autumn shinsa has come and gone. Most of my friends who were testing didn’t fare so well, but like the Olympics, you train and train and then that’s the one day, the one chance in four years, and stuff happens. Fortunately the shinsa are a bit more frequent! Tsugi!

One friend did pass 3-dan, though. It was her third try and in the midst of a very busy schedule. Well done!

Meanwhile, and in the same vein, the confusion I mentioned before has gotten worse. I really feel lost sometimes. I think the root of it is moving to the 14kg Renshin carbon bow, which has very different draw characteristics. Even though it and my trusty 4-sun nobi bow have exactly the same draw weight, the Renshin requires much more force, and is a bit awkward. Maybe it’s the way I’m using my body? Either that it’s just not my kind of bow. But there aren’t many choices at 6-sun nobi.

On Tuesday I decided to temporarily go back to the 4-sun in order to recover a reliable shooting form, then once I feel stable again I’ll start adding the Renshin a little at a time. But just getting back to a stable form is apparently going to be a challenge. Tuesday’s practice was terrible, but… tsugi!

And then… the reason I’m using the Renshin at all is to prepare myself for the takeyumi that will arrive sometime next year. I placed the order this afternoon, which is exciting in a low-key sort of way. Now I have to grit my teeth and work extra hours to pay for them.


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2 Responses to Kyudo Notebook: Shinsa, Lost, Yumi

  1. Ohhh, someone who lives in Japan has to test three times for 3 dan. My first time is nothing…yosh!

  2. karamatsu says:

    Oh, definitely. It’s pretty strict. I think only two or three out of twelve passed 3-dan this time, and the ones I knew have taken that challenge several times now. It all just comes down to that day, that arrow… you know how it is. Around here we don’t take the test unless our teachers give permission, but mine still encourage us to take tests even when WE don’t feel ready. They say you learn more from the mistakes than from success. Last time nobody at all passed 4-dan or 5-dan, but those experiences sure create strong memories. Onward!

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