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Kyudo Notebook: More Tenouchi Research

This is the set of photos from the May, 2007 issue. Advertisements

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Kyudo Notebook: Tenouchi Research

I finally looked up the issues of Kyudo that have the pictures from the previous post. Actually there’s another set of photos in the May, 2007 issue that I’ll try to post later. All of the photos are of the … Continue reading

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Kyudo Update: Pandora’s Box

Seems I’ve opened the proverbial gift box with the exploration of the index finger. Tenouchi appears to be one of those topics on which everyone has a different opinion. Many of the ryuha seem to be divided on the basis … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Pointer

The other day K-sensei came over and said, “You have a lot of things to work on now, eh?” and just smiled. I guess he enjoys seeing us struggle. Really. It’s growth. But he’s right. As usual I’m trying to … Continue reading

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