Kyudo Notebook: Tenouchi Research

I finally looked up the issues of Kyudo that have the pictures from the previous post. Actually there’s another set of photos in the May, 2007 issue that I’ll try to post later. All of the photos are of the tenouchi of participants at a seminar for teachers at the 6-dan and 7-dan level, first at kai, then hanare, then zanshin. I assume they were all kyoushi but I’m not certain. The photos are just given as is, under the heading “Tenouchi Kenkyuu,” with no commentary, so I think the idea is look at the third photo in each sequence (zanshin) and then try to figure out how they ended up that way. Maybe real experts could look at the first photo (kai) and predict what they’ll look like at zanshin, but that’s beyond me! The first way should still be very useful, though. Note that you have to consider not just the shape of the hand but the way it’s being used: where the forces are being applied and how that connects to the bow and the rest of the body. A good challenge.

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4 Responses to Kyudo Notebook: Tenouchi Research

  1. cor-san says:

    Unless I’m very much mistaken, I don’t see any pictures. Or do I misinterpret your sentence “Actually there’s another …. that I’ll post later.”? I’ve read it as “I have posted this set, and another set will follow later”, but I may very much be mistaken…

    Or my browser is malfunctioning of course…. that happened before.

  2. karamatsu says:

    Hello! The first to sets should appear at the bottom of the previous post. If not, then something may be wrong. I have them as links to the original sources, so it’s always possible that there’s a problem getting to those sites. It looks like I will have to photograph and upload the third set, from May, on my own at some point.

  3. cor-san says:

    Ah… that is why the link to the previous post was in there. It is my mistake, I read the link to the previous post as just that: a link, not a referral and invitation to revisit the previous post.

    If all these people are 6th and 7th dan, I am surprised that their tenouchi differ in such broad manner; and I am almost lead to believe there is not one tenouchi that can be called “the one and only to emulate”. On the other hand (pun not intended): every hand is built differently (bone and muscle structures) so why would a tenouchi not be as unique as a fingerprint?

  4. karamatsu says:

    Yes, one of the teachers at a town near here is missing two fingers on his left hand, so his tenouchi is definitely unique, yet still effective. Sometimes when we have tutorials with visiting hanshi they make very small adjustments to the form of someone’s hand, but most of the time they try to work with a person’s mind, and the way they are applying force. It’s both enjoyable and frustrating that there should be so many variables.

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