Kyudo Notebook: 25th International Seminar of Budo Culture

Just back from a flash trip to Tokyo, featuring five minutes in a wildly swaying building during the earthquake on Friday. It was nothing like last year, but enough.

Meanwhile the 25th International Seminar of Budo Culture has been announced. It will be held from March 8-11, and this time features three training periods in your own art and three opportunities to experience new ones. It seems like theme is “internationalization of Budo,” which in a way seems like an odd topic given that we’re all international to begin with. It almost feels like we should be the ones doing the lectures but it should be interesting to hear what the Japanese masters think about it.

Since they have Kubota-sensei down as a lecturer this time (on “The Attraction of Budo and its Internationalisation”) I’m assuming he will be the main Kyudo teacher again this time, but they don’t include an actual announcement about who’s teaching what, nor is there a specific ryuha mentioned for kobudo. Cost is ¥5,250, all inclusive with the same rules as usual. The announcement only lists telephone (03-3216-5134) and fax (03-3216-5117) numbers. The web site hasn’t been updated yet for next year’s program but it will probably appear here.

I enjoyed it last year, but because of the distance and cost will probably have to make a difficult choice between this and other events like the Nagoya seminar, the national tournament in Kyoto, and the All-Japan tournament at Ise Shrine. And then (maybe) travel for shinsa. So many options!

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