Kyudo Noteboo: Hisashiburi

It’s been a while. Much has been going on but nothing definite enough to write about. I’ve been trying to discover how to shoot more “from the heart” than with the hands, and there has been a lot of trial and error. Mostly error. And then I had a sudden trip to Tokyo, so I’m not sure how things will be when I get back to the dojo tomorrow.

Unfortunately there’s not much to describe. I suppose I’d been obsessing over the left and right hands too much. They have to be correct, of course, but by focusing on them it would be difficult to get a clean release from the centre, and my teacher wouldn’t accept anything less. At last Tuesday’s practice I finally had some success, and the arrows showed their appreciation by flying straight to the target, but I need to go deeper, make it more reliable. And at some point I’ll have to go back and work on the hands some more, too, because there are obvious problems. But I’m sure it will come out this weekend: we have a two-day tutorial with a rather strict Hanshi from down south, and I expect many gruff comments.

But that’s good. A full day in Tokyo was spent at an incredibly long work meeting, but one of the things I took away was an inspirational aphorism. I think the speaker attributed it to someone named Tanaka, but I missed the intro so I’m not sure exactly who that was. Anyway it was, “Not failure, but low aim that is a crime.” So we have to aim high/deep. If we fail, we fail, but it’s better than success at mediocrity. I’ll try to keep that frame of mind at the tutorial. One shot, one life!

In other news, my new practice parter, the takeyumi, will probably arrive from Kyushu today or tomorrow, depending on flying/road conditions. We’ve had blizzard conditions so a lot of flights were cancelled. And I’m mostly booked to go to the Nagoya seminar, April 12-15, so if anyone’s heading up/down/over for that, let me know! Then we have our Spring shinsa on April 21. Still not sure if I’ll participate in one this year or not. Oh, also, the sign-up date for the big Kyoto taikai is April 2nd. I’d love to go but my bank account is less enthusiastic. We shall see.

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4 Responses to Kyudo Noteboo: Hisashiburi

  1. Zen says:

    One of my favorite anime these days is Bleach. There is a character who is an archer . He talks in the last few shows i am watching ( old) about how his Sensei told him he needs to go beyond shooting with just form and release his arrows from the heart to be great.

  2. Gregory says:

    See you in Nagoya!

  3. karamatsu says:

    So even anime characters know about this, eh? So there must be a way forward. Must keep going, although it turns out, not today. Tokyo is like a viral soup. Everywhere I went people were coughing, sneezing, and sniffling, and it seems I brought at least one of the viruses home. Must lay low for a while.

  4. karamatsu says:

    See you there! I wonder who the teachers will be?

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