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Kyudo Notebook: Raiki Shagi

After the Nagoya seminar I was pondering the origins of the two texts that seem to have pride of place in modern Kyudo, the Raiki Shagi and Shahou Kun. The history of the second text is given briefly in Uno-sensei‘s … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Back to the Dojo

After ten days away, back to the dojo yesterday with only about five hours of sleep. One interesting phenomenon I’ve noticed before is that, when I have enforced time away from practice, but then come back to it after a … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Essays in Idleness

I’m in Kansai now, and have some down time while my travel partner isn’t feeling well. So I bought KenkĊ’s Tsurezuregusa, the Essays in Idleness, and have been enjoying it quite a bit. There are many good passages that, contrary … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Calligraphy

Sometimes I write so much about kyudo stuff that I forget the other things this blog was supposed to be about. Hmmm… On Monday we went to a student kendo competition, and as the impressive thing for me, more than … Continue reading

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