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Kyudo Notebook: Ise 2013

Just back from the All-Japan Tournament at Ise. It was great to be able to see so many top kyudoka all in one place, and the environment there is excellent. The women’s competition was first and quite interesting. Last year … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Ooops

I think it was Onuma Hideharu-sensei, Dan and Jackie DeProspero’s teacher, who said that “when you pass a test you learn a little but when you fail a test you learn a lot.” That seems to be true, at least … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Ri

This morning I came across another description of ri (理), this time in a Japanese context. This is from an essay contained in the Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa (the man whose face appears on the 10,000 yen note): The most … Continue reading

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