Kyudo Notebook: The External View

While continuing to puzzle over the mysteries of the heart/mind/spirit, the other day at the dojo there were only a few of us because the teachers were off at a tutorial, so I set up a video camera on top of the makiwara, tied it down so that, if it fell, it wouldn’t fall far, and we were able to get some interesting footage of what each of us looks like from the makiwara‘s point of view. It’s led to some quality time watching video frame-by-frame, seeing what really goes on.

One surprising discovery is that most people blink at hanare, closing their eyes for about a tenth of a second. I wasn’t using slow-motion mode so have been unable to see whether the blink starts before the release begins or after, but it’s something I want to look at next time. Other points of interest, for me, are that I seem to be overdrawing in an effort to draw the bow 大きく大きく, and there are various issues with my left hand. Part of that is because, in order to clear my chest, I have to hold the bow at a slight angle, which means that due to the the anti-clockwise torque on the bow, when it recoils at hanare it will tend to roll clockwise. So what I think I need to do is align my hand with the bow, rather than trying to keep it straight vertical. Hard to explain in words but that’s one idea I’ll be trying tomorrow.
But the big issue really is that tendency overdraw. I know my teacher is trying to help me overcome that, and other people have mentioned it, too, but I haven’t found “the way” yet. Maybe tomorrow I’ll watch the teachers more.Otherwise things are picking up. Two tutorials and a taikai in February. Not sure about March yet, and then Nagoya in April. It’s going to be a busy Spring. I ended up having to stay in two different places in Nagoya. The dojo there is in a complex with a concert arena so the whole place sells out when a popular performer comes, and I guess that’s what is happening. Unless of course the whole place is booked out by kyudoka! That would actually be kind of cool…

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