Kyudo Notebook: #2 Kaizoe Notes

Just some quick notes after being #2 Kaizoe during the yawatashi the other day:

  • When walking, standing need to make sure that the hands are really at the sides, perhaps with the little fingers aligned with the seam of the hakama. My hands were too far forward.
  • On entry you have to move quickly to position or you won’t get there in time for the ite‘s right turn.
  • Likewise you have to move quickly to the azuchi so that the ite doesn’t have to wait for you.
  • The rei at the sadamenoza has to be quite deep, deeper than the ite. The suggestion was to bring your hands forward and close together until there is about a fist’s width of space left between them.
  • Really need to get in sync with the breathing and rhythm of other kaizoe during the return of the arrows. Everything needs to flow together naturally, rather than watching the other person and reacting. This requires a leap of faith.
  • One suggestion was not to raise the right arm during the return of the arrows, but rather tilt the arrow so that the left hand can go down to the hazu and back up, underneath the arrow. I’m not sure about this… most of the books seem to suggest keeping the arrow vertical and raising the right hand/arm so that the left can get under the hazu.
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