Kyudo Notebook: Modernity

So this is kind of odd. As of April the ANKF is changing the procedure for shooting zassha with four arrows. Up until now people typically lay the arrows down so that the midpoint of the shaft was directly in front of them, picked up two by the hazu, pulled them along their right side, then picked them up. From April what we’re supposed to do is lay them down as in rissha, with the tips directly in front, and pick up two directly from there, from the tips. I guess this makes the process faster but I just find it interesting that they would do this at all. You’d expect any Japanese art to be incredibly conservative, yet it seems things do change, at least in the details. Even though its very minor (and actually better for me because I have great difficulty picking up the arrows from the hazu) I wish I could have followed the discussion all the way through, just to watch how the organization dealt with it from the first proposal all the way to publicizing it.What changes would I propose if given a chance? Hmmmm… Probably dropping kiza, but there’s no way that will ever happen.

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