Kyudo Notebook: 27th International Seminar of Budo Culture

At the dojo today I was given information about the 27th International Seminar of Budo Culture, aka “The Chiba Seminar.” I went to the 24th and wrote a bit about it here. The unique feature of this seminar is that it brings together people studying Japanese Budo all over Japan (100 foreigners, at least in theory practising in Japan, plus 20 Japanese) for practice, discussion, and a certain amount of craziness. The practise side involves both your own art plus you have the opportunity to try two new ones. The teachers are all extremely good. Last time I tried aikido and kendo, and enjoyed them both. If only I had more time! The academic discussion last time was historical, plus there seems to be an abiding interest (the seminar is held at the International Budo University) in the educational value of Budo. As for the craziness, you have to go and find out.

The 2015 seminar will be March 6-8 and since the numbers are limited, interested people should apply soon. Descriptions of the program are available in both English and Japanese.

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