Kyudo Notebook: Choices

Back in the realm of practical matters, for the past several months I experimented with arranging daisan so that I could sight the target with my right eye, but eventually my teacher seemed to decide that enough was enough. It turns out that there were three desirable characteristics that I wanted to accomplish at daisan:

  • Sighting the target with my right eye, as in the diagrams in the back of the Kyudo Kyohon.
  • Keep the line of the arrow parallel to the line of the shoulders (which is to say, parallel to the plane formed by the sanjuu-juumonji).
  • Have the right hand approximately one fist-width from my head.

It turns out that, because my arms are long, I can pick any two, but it’s physically impossible to accomplish all three. I definitely wanted the second (arrow parallel to the line of the shoulders), because it has a big effect on balance in hikiwake, and given the choice between the other two, it seems that having the right hand close is more preferable. It allows you to engage different muscles than if the hands are held out further away. So now I’m back to square one, more or less, trying to find the right balance after yet another change.

But all was not lost with the experiment and I will file that information away for another time…

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3 Responses to Kyudo Notebook: Choices

  1. Zen says:

    Yes, so true. Refitting the pieces.

  2. Zen says:

    Ps: pleased you are writing again.

  3. karamatsu says:

    It’s good to be back. It feels like returning home after a long time away.

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