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Kyudo Notebook: Kaizoe

Just a quick note to record the URI of a useful Youtube video. This is from the yawatashi for the 2011 All-Japan Women’s Tournament at Ise. Unfortunately the video is overexposed so you don’t see much detail of Akiyama-sensei, … Continue reading

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Buddhist Notebook: Compassion and Emptiness

It’s often said that when someone has realized emptiness it enables them to have even greater compassion for other beings. I’ve wondered about that because, with my limited intellectual understanding, I often find myself getting frustrated with people, rather than … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Maintenance

The other day I noticed that the kusune protecting the tsuru-makura on my glove (kake) had worn away a bit, so my teacher fixed it this morning so I wanted to make a note of how it was done. It’s … Continue reading

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Buddhist/Kyudo Notebook: Training

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the intersections between Buddhism and Kyudo. There are many, of course, but one of the more central has to do with the notion of 自然の離れ, a natural release. Dan DeProspero says it’s in … Continue reading

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