Kyudo Notebook: Principles of Recovery from Errors

A quick addendum to the Standardized Test Questions. The answer to the first part of the 3-dan question that starts “Discuss the three principles for recovering from errors (shitsu)…” is not clearly explained in the Kyudo Kyohon, volume one. The best description is in a separate ANKF booklet,「弓礼・弓法問答集」, page 15.

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5 Responses to Kyudo Notebook: Principles of Recovery from Errors

  1. Zacky Chan says:

    Awesome job putting the standardized questions up. Also good to know about shitsu. I’ve been told a couple times how to deal with them, and yet they still don’t stick perfectly in my mind. Seemingly annoying, yet incredibly necessary.

  2. karamatsu says:

    Yes, they do come back to haunt you at the worst times, and the main ones are just the simplest. I try not to think about all the other things that can go wrong!

  3. karamatsu says:

    PS Good to see you back.

  4. Kane Tan says:

    Thank you so much for this. I suppose one of the reasons why like so many other disciplines, the road in 弓道 is a path created by the careful steps of those who walked before.

    As you say, these 3 principles are not clearly listed in the English translation of the Kyohon, where instead guidelines and the precipitating actions are provided.

    My name is Kane. I live in Vancouver, and I’ve been practicing only for about 3 years. Your writing and musings here have provided me with much inspiration and thought. Now I approach my 3-dan test in Tokyo, again you’ve provided much help. Thank you 🙂

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