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Kyudo Notebook: Nagoya Seminar 2016

After the seminar ended I had a ton of things to catch up on, and with the holiday finally have time. I suppose the big news is that next year’s Asia-Oceania Seminar will be in New Zealand, the first time … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: #1 Kaizoe Notes

Yesterday I had my debut as #1 kaizoe. Until now I hadn’t been volunteered for this because I’m a bit bigger than most of the ite doing the shooting, and the kaizoe are supposed to be in the background, not … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Kaizoe

Just a quick note to record the URI of a useful Youtube video. This is from the yawatashi for the 2011 All-Japan Women’s Tournament at Ise. Unfortunately the video is overexposed so you don’t see much detail of Akiyama-sensei, … Continue reading

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