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Kyudo Notebook: Broken String in Sharei

Just a quick note of something I learned at a tutorial the other day. Although normally in sharei, if  you break a string there is no fixing it — you move back to the honza and wait while everyone else … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Yugaeri and Nigirikawa

Just a quick note. I’ve been having trouble with yugaeri since changing my tenouchi. Today my teacher helped me work on that, trying various things with various degrees of success. After lunch I decided I need to take a breather … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Takeyumi Care I

Sorry for the delay. Many things going on including another two-day seminar with a very dynamic Hanshi. These are the highlights from the first page of instructions that I received along with the new takeyumi. This was the “read this … Continue reading

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Review: Yumi Goyomi

Now that I’ve taken the plunge and ordered takeyumi I thought I should re-read 「弓ごよみ」 (Yumi Goyomi), by respected bow-maker 松永重宣 (Matsunaga Shigenobu) (kyoushi, 8-dan at the time of publication), and learn more. The book is a collection of columns … Continue reading

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Kyudo Notebook: Cold Weather Kyudo

With temperatures dropping into single digits overnight we put the snow wall up yesterday. It changes the way things feel and I miss the open vista from the shajo, but it makes a big difference. I thought I’d post something … Continue reading

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